Transaction tax

CME Group Executive Chairman and President Terry Duffy will appear before a joint hearing of the Illinois Senate and House Revenue Co

Yesterday the New York Times Editorial Board wrote an piece supporting a tax on trading, which would include stocks, options and futures.

The editorial board of the New York Times on Thursday called for a financial transaction tax on the buying and selling of U.S.

We go off-topic and ask Dan Dicker a number of questions not related to the oil markets, such as his thoughts on Jon Corzine.
European Union lawyers are clashing over whether a proposed 11-nation financial-transaction tax is legal under the 28-nation bloc’s governing treaties.
Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the German government is listening to investor complaints about the proposed financial transactions tax.
The European Union’s proposed financial-transaction tax may not generate any revenue because of the market damage it would cause.
Three U.K. business lobby groups told the European Union its proposed financial transaction tax will harm the economic recovery.
Government bonds should be excluded from the European Union’s planned financial-transaction tax, a panel of European debt-management officials said.