In a tale of 3 indexes, the S&P 500 has recouped the losses from Thursday’s settlement and President Trump’s midnight announcement of contracting Covid-19.
Traders have been concerned about demand for cocoa all year but as we enter “chocolate season” we see that even chocolate/candy purchases have been affected by Covid-19.
U.S. benchmarks are paring the week’s gains after a heated debate between President Trump and former Vice President Biden; we didn't expect anything less.
U.S. benchmarks are again on their backfoot. All major sectors finished in the green yesterday except for healthcare.
Political unrest in Ivory Coast has added volatility to an already erratic market…. but there's a lot going in cocoa futures.
Soybeans futures closed at the highs of the week, unlike corn and wheat, as it’s certainly pricing in a much smaller 2020 crop size than what was being advertised weeks ago. However, crop condition ratings remain well above both last year and the long-term average.
Demand from China, Iowa crop, conditions have all contributed to the recent rallies in Corn and Soybean futures.
If you’ve lived in a bunker since April, then you may have missed the memo; the USD has been the sacrificial lamb for not only buoying the economy, but the stock market.
Analysts expect Powell to announce the committee’s policy shift to Average Inflation Targeting. We discussed the concept earlier this week. It is as it sounds; inflation has run below the Fed’s 2% target for an extended period.
Genetically engineered Corn and Soybeans both saw their ratings drop in Monday's grain report sending prices higher so far this week.