The move comes on the back of highs in other associated metrics such as record weekly transaction count, but also coincides with the network’s risky transition to ETH 2.0. 
DOGE’s light-hearted culture and its “meme-able” Shibu Inu symbol support its propensity for social media virality and its ludicrousness makes its spurious buying by traders seem like an endorsement of the satire it represents.
Ethereum's fresh highs come with ETH staked in the ETH 2.0 Staking Contract surpassing 2 million over the weekend. Staked ETH is locked into the contract until Ethereum’s Phase 1.5 is launched, slated for 2022.
Ethereum continues to experience frenzied buying with spot volumes exceeding BTC’s throughout the day yesterday and making new multi-year highs above USD 1,000.
The U.S. SEC revealed charges against Ripple (XRP) for conducting an unregistered securities offering by selling XRP.
The situation appears to have been resolved now that a founder and private keyholder has apparently been released from some form of custody. The fact that such a business disruption occurred for a relatively mature crypto exchange highlights one of the unsung, 'elephant-in-the-room' issues in crypto.
Ripple (XRP) had the best price performance of any coin in the top 10 this weekend and reestablished itself as the third largest crypto by market capitalization.
Crypto exchange OKEx’s withdrawals remain suspended since October 16 when the venue announced it was unable to process them due to an unidentified staff member responsible for holding private keys being out of touch while cooperating with unspecified authorities.
OKEx, one of the world's leading crypto exchanges, announced a few days ago that it had suspended crypto withdrawals on the platform. OKEx blames the situation on an unreachable employee, owner of a private key, who is cooperating with authorities in an unrelated matter.
In what could be an official obituary, the G7 regulators have opposed Facebook's controversial Libra project. This may be the last time we write about this major strategic blunder by one of the world's top technology firms.