natural gas

The only thing keeping oil and gas from totally crumbling is global economic stimulus, and the expectations that cutbacks in spending and production could reverse the coming massive oil glut.
Is it crazy if you are a major oil producer to create a situation where the price of your product would have the worst quarter in history? A time where oil demand destruction is at the highest level in the history of the globe. The answer is yes!
Oil prices are losing hope that demand will recover anytime soon after President Trump extended federal social distancing guidelines until April 30th. The report drove oil to a 17-year low.
Russia has a plan to stabilize global oil prices. Create a new, bigger, and better OPEC. This comes as pressure mounts in Russia and Saudi Arabia to call off the price war that put more pain in a global economy already suffering from the historic economic hit.
There are two trillion reasons why oil will not go to zero, but we may not be out of the woods yet.
Oil prices are starting to bottom despite the potential of the most significant supply glut in history. The reason is that the power of the dollar is supreme over the supply of oil.
The Wall Street Journal reported, "Senate Democrats blocked a rescue package designed to blunt the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, after a dispute with Republicans over corporate bailout provisions and aid to dislocated workers.
Yesterday, the first day of spring, gave hope that the darkness that has engulfed the energy sector may have dreams of brighter days ahead. That is going to be needed because the energy industry was blindsided...
The day after the price of oil crashed to an 18-year low, hope that the most a massive global stimulus-response may raise hopes of future demand in a world where demand has stopped. Oil price tested the critical psychological $20.
Stocks and oil are plummeting as Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin warns of what can only be called a fatal contraction. Reports say that the Treasury secretary cautioned that if the US government did not step in, the US employment rate could soar to almost 20%.