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Let’s face the facts here: It’s easy to blame the market and commiserate with other traders, but it’s a lot harder to think for yourself and look for the silver lining after a bad trade.
No matter where you are in your progress, extended weekends, especially at the end of a month and end of the quarter, are a great time to look back at your recent results.
Whether you’re on a hot streak or everything is going wrong in your life, you need to know when to get out to be a successful trader. Today on Limit Up! Podcast, we’re talking about what it means to go on tilt.
If you're new to trading, the learning curve can feel overwhelming. Striking that fine balance on your positions can be demanding, sometimes an insurance policy can save you a costly loss— that’s where a stop-loss order can save your investment.
As usual, the financial media is lambasting millennials, but this time, they’re mad that millennials are finally dipping their toes into the stock market. Mobile broker Robinhood is usually their tool of choice.
A profit is a profit, so there’s no wrong way to take yours. That said, there’s a difference in opinion when it comes to how to take them.
Many traders tend to exhaust themselves, disproportionately focusing on their outcomes. Here's why traders should focus more on what they can control, the process, and less on what they can’t control, the outcome.
With the advent of MBO, people are getting excited about using some of the new information in their trading. In this recorded webinar, Jigsaw Trading took a few steps back and examined the underlying activity of order flow to ensure we put icebergs and stop run info in the right context.
The volume profile has become a popular and fundamental tool among order flow traders. This article describes its terms, characteristics and ways to interpret the various shapes.
Each day Ira Epstein gets you up to speed on what happened in the stock index and financial futures markets. He focuses on relevant economic and geopolitical topics that affect the S&P 500 futures, Nasdaq 100 futures, Dow futures, and VIX futures.