On Saturday, BTC’s Taproot upgrade received enough support from miners, locking in its implementation for November. According to its supporters, Taproot enables a range of innovations related to BTC-based smart contracts and scaling.
Over the weekend, a Reuters article on Ethereum made reference to the network’s scaling challenges, while research firm Bernstein highlighted “execution risk” related to upgrades in a May research report.
Ethereum Classic (ETC) added roughly USD 8.6 billion to its market cap over the past week. The move is despite major technical issues faced by the network over the past year that’s typical of recent alt-coin action with little fundamental justification.
Ethereum has achieved new all-time highs of about USD 3,400. The move coincides with recent endorsements of ETH that tend to overlook mid-term technical uncertainty for the network.
Given all of the uncertainties in the markets and volatility over the past year due to the pandemic, traders should look to diversify and have a well-rounded portfolio. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, so why not add a piece to your strategy?
The USDt balance on the Tron network (USD 25.9 billion) has surpassed Ethereum’s USDt balance (24.4 billion) for the first time. The change comes as USDt surpasses USD 50 billion in market cap and highlights the degree to which blockchain applications are agnostic to the network they’re deployed on.
ETH’s achievement of new all-time highs coinciding with a major technical issue suggests that the risks associated with common network upgrades are wholly misunderstood. 
In what will always be seen as an historic day for crypto, Coinbase (COIN) was listed and began trading on Nasdaq yesterday. Trading on the shares was characterized by confusion and long delays. The follow on effects of the listing appeared to have more impact on crypto-related equities than did tokens.
With BTC range-bound for the longest period in 2021, we’re receiving growing questions from investors around the direction of the path of least resistance for price. We look to realized volatility metrics for hints.
USDt transfers on ETH have historically been a major contributor to ETH capacity challenges. This shift coincides with comments from Vitalik Buterin, which suggest technical solutions to address scaling issues are imminent.