The pain of Egypt's currency devaluation may be felt well before the benefits, creating a period of at least several months in which there is little positive news to offset rising inflation and falling living standards, businessmen and economists say.
After holding critical support it looks as if the wheat market could bounce up.
The future is uncertain and gold is the most effective insurance against that.

British oil company BP expects to invest around $12 billion with its partners as part of a finalised West Nile Delta concession deal to develop

The developments heighten the possibility that Israel would send ground forces to invade Gaza.
A coup would not solve Egypt's economic stresses. Egypt needed a benefactor with a full purse and a willingness to spend. Only one country fitted that picture, Saudi Arabia; and the king has reason to favor the Egyptian general.
Three years has seen the overturn of two government, the deaths of thousands of people and the destruction of much of the Egyptian economy. In the end, the mobs have changed nothing, except to make their own lives more miserable.
The escalating crisis in Egypt is materially affecting the psychology of the global energy situation as well as the lack of influence of the U.S., the biggest provider of funds to the country.
The Egyptian uncertainty will continue to boost the oil price, but the situation in neighboring Libya is also a concern.
Upside risks abound but the fear of tapering may keep oil down. Turmoil in Egypt and an active Atlantic as far as storms go provided the upside while strong economic data provided the downside.