Al Brooks provides bar-by-bar analysis on a five-minute chart of the previous day’s prices action in the E-mini S&P 500. This is his analysis for Wednesday Jan. 11, 2016

21st Century Point and Figure: New and Advanced Techniques for Using Point and Figure Charts
By Jeremy du Plessis
Harriman House LTD

For the markets, 2014 was an interesting and volatile year, which drew more people to learn about investing and search for that elusive Holy Grail. Through Amazon, we populated a list of the top selling investing books as well as the highest rated books based on customer reviews. Click through to see our list of top 5 bestsellers in investing.
Bitcoin books populate the best books released this year for traders and investors.
Jack Schwager saw early on that it takes more than technical knowledge to be a good trader. Through his “Market Wizards” books, he has given an inside-look at what makes a trader great.