The storm that went through most of Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, and northern Indiana, won't have as much of an effect on soybeans as corn.
Corn futures finished last week by putting in new contract lows at $3.20, closing the week at $3.21. Keep your eye on Wednesday’s WASDE report for new direction in the soybean market.
As the summer starts to come to an end, we look ahead to fall activities and holidays. Will the demand for cocoa be down due to Covid and classroom closures?
Last week corn futures tested a big level of support last week at $3.25 and held up; soybeans pushed higher after touching the bottom of the trend channel. 
Corn futures has posted lower highs and lower lows every day this week. Soybean futures have been mainly trading the charts
Both corn and soybeans had 72% G/E ratings than were higher than anticipated.
We may have seen the bottom in the September cocoa contract. The past few sessions have canceled each other out, one day up, one day down and so on.
As the world, especially in the United States, sees an increase in Covid-19 cases some commodity prices are weakening.
Several key USDA reports come out June 30. Blue Line Futures' Oliver Sloup breaks down the technical landscape for grains, soybeans, and other commodities.
Cocoa futures have been one of the commodities has that been a good indicator of where people are at as far as getting back to normal