Market Analysis

With the uncertainty in the stock market and with mortgage based securities in shambles, 10-year Treasury notes have been a logical destination for those on a flight to safety, and since June, the
In December, European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said he was “closely monitoring developments,” language that has presaged rate increases. But he then waffled about a January hike. A
More and more corn is being allocated for ethanol production, and the proof is in the USDA’s ending stocks report, which came in at 935 million bushels. “Anything under a billion is friendly,” says
Thomas says demand fundamentals remain unchanged and he expects supplies to remain stable, balancing renewed efforts by the Russians to increase production against violence in Nigeria. “But long
Kansas City hard red wheat and Minneapolis spring wheat crops have suffered drought, late rains and high temperatures, pushing production down and futures prices up. But for Chicago wheat, growing
Natural gas has been an enigma. After rallying to all-time highs at the end of 2005, natural gas futures dropped 66% by July 10, despite the continued bull market in crude oil. And while it rallied
“Even though production is 6% to 10% over this time last year, October futures are trading around $6 to $7 [per hundred weight] higher,” he says, adding that forth quarter production should be just
With Iran refusing to abandon its nuclear aspirations, North Korea test firing intercontinental ballistic missiles, and Israel bombing the Beirut Airport while militants fired missiles into northern
He also cites escalating violence in Nigeria, where militants have taken out two oil pipelines, Iran’s refusal to curtail its nuclear ambitions and terrorist bombings in India as primary factors
A massive fund liquidation precipitated by interest rate hikes, fear of inflation and a global economic slowdown has beaten silver back, giving up a third of its value in the last month. “Markets