WATCH: Grain Marketplace Hedging Update

April 27, 2021 08:10 AM
Heartland Investor Services, Inc. Hedging Update

Heartland Investor Services, Inc. Hedging Update

In this quick video, we review the dynamics of the grain marketplace via weather charts and observations of the measured move theories we use.

We discuss where we stand on old crop and where we plan on making final sales, along with our new crop status. 

Keep in mind, we did enter into some new crop put option hedges that had seen gains going into the March 31 acreage report, but pulled them off after seeing how bullish the data was. After losing a nickel on corn and 11 cents on soybean hedges for new crop, we remain unsold with objectives, yet higher than current before we start implementing strategies again.



About the Author

Eugene Graner is the founder and President of Heartland Investor Capital Management Inc. He is a veteran commodity analyst, and broker with 31 years experience in the industry.