Top 5 Alternative Data Sources

June 7, 2019 09:30 AM
Top 5 Alternative Data Sources

Top 5 Alternative Data Sources

#3YipIt Data



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YipitData provides web data intelligence to primarily buy-side firms consisting of hedge funds and other institutional investors. It specializes in developing systems and methodologies to collect the “gobs and gobs” of digital data to enable granular analysis of real-time company performance metrics. 

The company launched in 2010 as a daily deal aggregator that recommended the best deals to over 1 million active users. They were aggregating all the deals from Groupon and learned that they could use data to estimate their financial performance within 2% of what they reported each quarter.

Yipit started selling that data to hedge funds in 2011, and by 2013 realized they could use web data collection capabilities to build systems for many other companies. They now provide key performance metrics on 55 companies in 7 sectors and work with over 80 of the top funds and asset managers in the world.

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