We Asked Traders

It seems as if the hot topic lately has been the "will they/won't they?" conundrum between Greece and the European Union.

We asked traders, "The Dow Jones surpassed both the 17,000 mark and 18,000 mark for the first time in its history in 2014. What is more likely in 2015, the Dow hitting 20K or a major correction of 10-20%?"
This week's question was, "Did crude oil hit a bottom at $43.58 on Jan. 29? What do you expect the range to be for the rest of the year?"

In honor of the end of the year and the perpetual dawn of a new one, we asked our contributors to give us their outlooks for 2015.

So we asked traders, is there still room for a Santa Claus rally this December, or did Santa just fill our equity stockings with coal?
Today, Americans will go to the polls in what could be an historic mid-term election.
Is high frequency algorithmic trading actually making markets more efficient, or is it simply pushing the smaller trader out of the markets?
We asked successful traders the following question: What will be the most volatile sector for the fourth quarter of 2014 and why? Here's what they said.
We all know that the unemployment situation report that comes out on the first Friday of every month is the most important economic report for creating volatile swings in markets. There are some doubts about the validity of some reports produced by the government.
The world is awash in geopolitical risk. What countries/crises should you be watching (as a driver of price) and why?