We Asked Traders

It seems as though 2015 has been the year of potential interest rate hikes.
We asked traders, is the Chinese stock market decline simply a correction or the beginning of a crash?
We asked traders, "Would a Greek exit from the Eurozone be positive or negative for the Eurozone economy and euro currency?"
We asked traders, "Do you expect U.S. equities to have a 10% or greater correction during the next 12 months?"
Has crude oil entered a new bull market, or has the recent rally just been a correction in an oversold market? Where do you expect crude to move from here?
How many times will the Fed raise rates in 2015?
Can U.S. equities maintain a bull market if the U.S. Dollar Index rallies through 100 and remains north of 100 for a significant period of time?

Ever since Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen made it clear roughly a year ago that the Fed would stick with its tapering schedule an

We asked traders, now that it's experienced a correction, will the euro reach parity with the dollar? If so, when? And what comes next?

Following the Federal Reserve's dedication to patience, traders may have jumped the shark in an unexpected sell-off in February.