at least 15 companies expressed their interest in replacing the London gold benchmark, with a new system seen in place by end-2014, Reuters reported.
Opening statement of Chairman Timothy G. Massad, open meeting on proposed rule on margin requirements for uncleared swaps and final rule on utility special entities
American and European business groups have issued reports in recent days expressing concern that foreign firms have faced the brunt of antitrust scrutiny. The American Chamber of Commerce in China called China’s antitrust enforcement “selective and subjective.”
The secured claims consists of mainly employee wage priority claims and CME Group claims; the unsecured general creditor claims include claims filed by introducing brokers, trade vendors, employees, and others according to the spokesman.
The Trustee is proposing to distribute $295 million to holders of secured, administrative, priority and unsecured general claims. The Trustee is also seeking to establish a reserve of $462 million on account of unresolved claims
Glenn said earlier this year that he expected an initial $30 million allocation to cover all costs. But with the total now approaching double that, the matter hasn’t moved past discovery yet.
The settlement talks follow a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission inquiry begun more than two years ago into key facets of modern markets, including order types -- or instructions for handling transactions that traders can send to exchanges.
The CFMA meant different things to different groups and to the Futures Industry Association and the large bank future commission merchants that had come to dominate its leadership, it meant the potential of delinking clearing from exchanges.
The Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 was welcome legislation for the futures industry; recognizing its growth, value and maturity over the previous several decades.
After the book, our stock market, IEX Group Inc., became a topic of discussion -- some positive, some negative, some true and some false. Fair enough. If you're in the spotlight and doing something different, you should take the heat along with the light.