Playing Twitter from the bullish short term perspective.
It almost seems like a hopeless situation for the corn market to do anything differently at this point.
It probably goes without saying, but two things traders look for are volatility and market movement which create trading opportunities.
Soybeans appear to be trading between about $15.25/bushel on the high side and about $14.45/bushel on the down side.
What will move the gold in the coming days and weeks?
In quiet markets, binary’s still offer trading opportunities as you can trade the range and take advantage of small price movement between support and resistance.
Options are a great way to gain access to a market during times of high volatility.
How can you profit from high time value prior to a news event while protecting yourself from a limit move?
Long call options strategy play in SanDisk.
Investors appear to be willing to move out along the maturity horizon to bag what they presumably see as lofty volatility.