Trading in today’s stagnant, low-volatility markets tests the nerves and patience of many traditional traders and investors. Disappointed with recent performance, these traders are seeking new
Option writing has always been a professional’s game and every so often a spike in volatility could even wipe out a so called genius trader. Now not only are there dozens of smaller commodity trading
Not too long ago, David Kalt was a software geek with a retail options account. Today he’s a geek with a booming retail options brokerage, optionsXpress, which has amassed more than 160,000 customers
Last month we outlined the theory behind the buy-write trading strategy. Buy-write, also called covered call writing, programs have experienced stratospheric growth recently and now include more than
You have questions, there are answers. Futures recently asked a number of brokers for a list of the most common questions they get from new traders, and then we got the answers, insights and
Options are among the most unique financial trading instruments available to everyday traders around the world. Options have been used for centuries in all walks of life. Aristotle wrote about buying
Investors have added more than $13 billion to buy-write strategies through the past year, so says the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). This is a sign that investors are comfortable with the
“If you’re earning 100% or more per year, they’re assuming correctly that you’re taking significant risks, which they may not want to pass on to their clients. In the long run, it’s better for us to