Managed Funds

Managed futures have variously been defined as an eclectic mix of investment strategies, a hedge fund category, and a separate asset class. People outside of the industry tend to see them as a risky investment. Regardless of perspective, managed futures exhibit unique properties that make these strategies an attractive investment vehicle.
CME Group & BarclayHedge announce its 2016 Managed Futures Pinnacle Awards.
For years folks in the managed futures space have looked for a way to expand into the broader investment universe. That day has arrived.
In the loud, type A personality world of futures trading, Bill Eckhardt stands out from the crowd. If he were a football coach, he would be Bill Walsh, the quiet genius amid the screaming masses
Managed Futures are on the up and up and might be something to consider adding to your holiday shopping list of potential investments for 2015.
Critics might argue that performance over recent years reveals the least compelling aspects of managed futures, but the critics always seem to forget that upwards of 70% to 100% of investors’ allocations are already in traditional investments.
USD/JPY at a new 7-year high, parabolic rally continues apace, EUR/USD still consolidating in quiet trade below 1.2500 and more forex news.
The San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System board tomorrow will consider whether to add hedge funds to its asset allocation.
Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund (GABI) completed its initial offer period in early September.
There was very little change in the wording of the FOMC statement as the committee agreed to further reduce its bond purchases next month.