Trading system technology advanced quickly in the late 1980s and early 1990s, establishing paradigms that persist today. Here’s a look at where we stand — and where we might go.
Traders are well aware of market-based fractal relationships — spatial similarities that can be captured across scales. All you need are the right tools.
Traders don’t have to identify complex patterns to be successful. Simple reliable relationships are all you need if you have the patience and discipline to exploit them.
Black Monday was the first crash in modern times. For some reason, it seemed scarier than the 2008 financial blow out.
Book review of "The Trading Methodologies of W. D. Gann: A Guide to Building Your Technical Analysis Toolbox" by Leslie N. Masonson
Book review of "Chronicles of a Million Dollar Trader: My Road, Valleys, and Peaks to Final Trading Victory" by Patrick Kelly
At any given time, a sector or stock can experience a huge trend. Successful traders must not only identify these moves early on but also have a disciplined approach to trading them.
W.D. Gann is well-known among trading gurus. However, we know little about the thought process behind his approach. Some believe Gann’s 1920s science-fiction novel, “The Tunnel Thru the Air,” contains the hints we seek.
Here's a little gold puzzle for you to ponder as you're getting ready for the weekend. See if you can figure it out.
Games are great when they bringing people together to socialize, but they can be even better if you’re getting something out of them. Here are 10 board games traders are sure to love.