Dan talks about risk management and the positive use of options. Risk management is the most important part for any trader and options are a great tool for that.
How hard can it be to capture a 50 cent move in crude oil with a one-lot for a $500 profit throughout the course of a trading session? It sounds so easy. But, one of the major issues traders encounter is one of the seven deadly sins — GREED.
Dan talks about more New Year's resolutions for trading in 2014 and how to be your own expert.
With a spread, you follow the relationship, or difference between the contracts, without having to pick a market direction. When you trade an outright futures position there is only one way that you can make money.
The aftermath of the Depression in Europe gives a vivid demonstration of the power of monetary policy. One group of countries stayed on the gold standard; others came off and devalued their currencies.
It took a little bit of time for market participants to respond to the new exchange and data fees that CME Group first announced on Nov. 12 this year.
The CME prize for innovation has since its inception in 2005 chosen individuals whose innovative ideas, products or services have created significant changes to markets, commerce or trade.

Dan Collins discusses the impact of new data fees being proposed by the CME Group to take effect in 2014 and how it will effect everyone from professional and traders to brokers and other industry

Professional money managers in the Managed Futures space are known by the regulatory designation of Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs).
The problem with when a mainstream business media outlet writes about the futures industry is they usually get it wrong