Book review of "The Law of Vibration: The Revelation of William D. Gann" by Tony Plummer
Book review of "Trading Systems and Methods" by Perry J. Kaufman
Even if you do everything right in your first few trades and make money, you still have to pay the bills. Just like every business, trading has costs. Here are some to be aware of before you make your first trade.
Covered call writing can provide steady returns and, more importantly, define your risk and reward, allowing you to maintain opportunity.
Not all volume is created equal. The on-balance volume indicator recognizes this by measuring buying and selling strength separately.
Here we show how to use Fibonacci expansion levels to establish high-probability target levels and manage open positions as they unfold.
The futures industry has had a tough couple of years, and with each storm there has been a dire warning that people will abandon it in droves. But the futures industry, particularly in Chicago, has faced many challenges and usually comes out the other end stronger through its ability to innovate.
Dan talks about some challenges that traders may face in 2014. Traders should look at these challenges in 2014 as opportunities and be innovative.
Is Bitcoin a "futures contract?" Maybe. A futures contract is not defined in the CEA specifically, but it has been defined in the courts as a commitment to deliver or receive an asset - including U.S. dollars - in the future at a pre-agreed price.
The world of technical analysis is complex, but with a working knowledge can be applied to virtually any market. Here we introduce you to 10 important rules of technical trading first described by technical trading legend John J. Murphy.