Many long-time TDV readers and subscribers know about bitcoin. I began telling them it was important in 2011 at $3 and many have made millions because of it, even at its current level of $230 (after hitting a high of over $1,000 in late 2013).
Don't buy things that are trending on Twitter or the front page of USA Today, warns Gold Stock Trades publisher Jeb Handwerger. Buy them when they are unloved and on the back page. In this interview with The Energy Report, he singles out the unloved companies that could become media darlings in the coming boom in energy metals, uranium and—eventually—oil sectors. And he stresses the importance of the single most important commodity in the investing space ever—time.
The old adage proves true, that low prices cure low and crashing prices, and at least in oil, it is always followed by a big time recovery. According to data provided by Price Asset Management, history would suggest that prices of oil usually come back quicker than most people think.
Keystone XL pipeline backers came up one vote short in the Senate though vowed to try again in January when they expect to have enough support to send a bill to President Barack Obama.
Russian backed protests in eastern Ukraine and the death of one Ukrainian soldier is raising fears that Vladimir Putin will again be on the move.
Brent crude is under pressure and WTI will be supported by a shutdown of the Houston Shipping channel, which is disrupting supply.
U.S. stocks declined, after the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index rallied to a record, as investors awaited tomorrow’s employment data to assess the strength of the economy and watched corporate earning reports.
The mere hint of a short-term fix to avoid default next Thursday knocked gold prices below $1,300 this week, with a further plunge as U.S. trade opened on Friday. For long-time investors, the irony looks so thick you could butter your toast with it.
The partial shutdown of the U.S. government showed no signs of ending quickly, as lawmakers stiffened their positions and sought to shift blame to the other side.
Unlike many commodities, there are many shades to gold, such as the Love Trade’s buying gold for loved ones and the Fear Trade’s purchasing gold as a store of value. An additional “shade” investors need to be aware of is how the Fed interprets the recovery of the U.S. economy.