Waves of innovations create fear and anticipation. As we enter the age of robotics, it’s time to stop worrying and invest in technology’s next megatrend.

The state of Texas has just passed legislation to build its own gold bullion depository, to repatriate $1 billion dollars worth of gold currently stored by the Federal Reserve in New York and to cr

Many commodity traders have found success in being trend followers.
In the loud, type A personality world of futures trading, Bill Eckhardt stands out from the crowd. If he were a football coach, he would be Bill Walsh, the quiet genius amid the screaming masses
Leo Melamed speaks during his November European Tour, says technological advances have materially speeded things up and HFT represents one more evolutionary step.
On Tuesday, Leo Melamed, widely known as the father of financial futures, addressed an audience of Futures industry professionals at the CTA Expo, offering personal stories of his experiences that got him to where he is today.
Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s Jeffrey Currie isn’t backing down from his bearish call on gold.
Despite the gains in gold stocks, insiders and institutional investors are 2.5 times more likely to be buyers than sellers.
Critics including some regulators and market participants say that HFT trading, which captured the spotlight in the May 2010 flash crash, serves little purpose, may distort the market and leaves retail investors at a disadvantage.
Trading is now effectively non-stop, with transactions measured in millionths of a second. Budish, an associate professor of economics at the Booth School of Business, proposes to instead segment trading into thousands of auctions throughout the day.