The rise of cyber crime threatens the links between traders and markets, and will only accelerate as investors boost their reliance on technology. What follows is a conversation about the markets, cyber security and the coming challenges that investors and traders face in the 21st century economy.

When they made "Twins," I’m sure Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger never considered the situation the world faces today.

Intercontinental Exchange Inc's NYSE Group, which includes the New York Stock Exchange, said on Wednesday that it temporarily suspended trading in all of securities on its exchanges following earlier reports of technical difficulties.
Add oil shippers to the list of winners from this year’s collapse in crude.
AMR – An early morning surge in the price of oil to $131 per barrel was quickly followed up by news from American Airlines’ parent AMR Corp that would drop 45 planes from its fleet, sharply scale
LVS – Las Vegas Sands – News today has it that the Macao operations of the mother operation of the Vegas luxury hotel and casino operator has laid off 2% of its staff and is reducing working hours of
Earlier today, the Air Transport Association released a report forecasting a third-consecutive year of profits from major air carriers, which have “moved aggressively to redeploy assets and adjust
PALM – Option trading this afternoon is showing the makings of a face-off between two of the market’s highest profile makers of smart phones. The maker of Treo and Centro handhelds, Palm is due to
The Federal Reserve Bank cut 325 basis points from the Fed funds rate from September 2007 through April of this year in an effort to stimulate our flagging economy and to shore up the banking