The rise of cyber crime threatens the links between traders and markets, and will only accelerate as investors boost their reliance on technology. What follows is a conversation about the markets, cyber security and the coming challenges that investors and traders face in the 21st century economy.
In a January earnings call with investors, Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook made a confident prediction: "2015 will be the year of Apple Pay," he said. Since then, the company has aggressively courted retailers -- and claimed significant success.
Russian hackers attacked JPMorgan Chase & Co. and at least four other banks this month in a coordinated assault that resulted in the loss of gigabytes of customer data, according to two people familiar with the investigation.
Graphite is the "Next Big Thing" for resource investors, but as in any sector, due diligence is a prerequisite for success. The graphite market specialist with Industrial Minerals in London lists which companies to watch in this emerging industry.
GE – General Electric – The downgrade of its top-level AAA rating to AA+ from Standard & Poor’s today seems to have had little negative impact on GE, as its shares soar another 9% to $9.30. Option
The strategic framework and the correlation of forces in the Gulf of Guinea -- one of the most significant and growing energy resource regions of the world -- is changing rapidly with profound implictions for numerous markets.
Jack Lifton, Stan Trout, and Tony Morcos have joined the U.S. Magnet Materials Association as members of its newly created advisory board.