Futures magazine named Intercontinental Exchange Chairman and CEO Jeff Sprecher its first annual Person of the Year in its December issue.
Is high frequency algorithmic trading actually making markets more efficient, or is it simply pushing the smaller trader out of the markets?
The metals market has always been very difficult to use for hedging by the smaller metals dealer just due to the size of the contracts.
Founded in 2004, Galvan Research provides individual investors with professional advice and trading recommendations across a wide range of markets
Chicago-based investment manager Emil van Essen launches a new program called the EvE Multi-Strategy Program.
We surveyed some of the best futures commission merchant leaders in the business to get a state of the business review. Here are their responses.
After years of dealing with low interest rates, new regulations and rebuilding client confidence, futures commission merchants are ready to break out and start doing what they do best: Executing trades and hopefully making money.
October Editor's Note from Ginger Szala.
September silver futures continued to impress yesterday, reaching a seven-week high. The gold-silver ratio should be closely watched at present, having been around 65-66 it is now closer to 61 as silver holds its own.
The question we would all like an answer to is having consolidated after the massive knock-down last month, will gold and silver prices continue to fall, or have they bottomed?