World crude oil demand is expanding at its fastest pace in five years thanks to rebounding economic growth and low prices, but global oversupply will last through 2016, the West's energy watchdog said on Wednesday.

 Oil fell on Tuesday on concerns of weaker demand from China after the world's top ene

Many oil companies had trimmed their budgets heading into 2015 to deal with lower oil prices. But the rebound in April and May to $60 per barrel from the mid-$40s suggested that the severe drop was merely temporary.

A flood of bearish news has pushed down oil prices to their lowest levels in

Oil hit four-month lows on Monday after a steep drop in Chinese stock markets spread concerns about the economic health of the world's biggest energy consumer and more evidence emerged of a global

Crude oil prices were trading like the damage is done. In other words, the Greek crisis charade has already done damage to the European economy and the oil demand outlook.

It remains to be seen what trend is setting up now in crude oil, but my new favorite 10/20/50/BB/CC technical indicators may give us a clue.

Oil prices fell more than 3 percent on Tuesday, with U.S. crude extending losses for a fifth straight day, as the dollar rallied amid evidence that the United States and top oil exporter Saudi Arabia were pumping more than the world needed.

Crude oil prices are firming this morning after a surprise across-the-board draw in oil inventories reported in last night’s API inventory report.

Brent crude futures rose towards $66 a barrel on Tuesday as a weaker dollar and the Yemen conflict helped lift prices.