If the firm becomes registered, NFA will ensure that any customer who inquires about High Ridge through NFA's BASIC system will be provided with information about all of Vision's disciplinary actions.
The Connecticut firm allegedly violated NFA rules on compliance and financial requirements.
The National Futures Association (NFA) has ordered FX Direct Dealer, LLC (FXDD) to either post a bond or place funds in an escrow account to ensure that the firm can meet its obligations under any restitution order that may result from a related NFA disciplinary action.
The NFA has ordered Forex Club LLC and Peter Tatarnikov, a former principal of the firm, to pay a $300,000 fine.
The firm allegedly failed to notify clients that it sustained huge trading losses and misappropriated customer funds.
Your broker isn't always rights. Here are some steps to take when you need to fix brokerage errors.
The NFA says the firm and its president, Gabriel Robles, put commissions before customer interest.
Futures Commission Merchant Vision fined 500K by NFA for failing to superivse IBs.
The NFA sanctioned Gain Capital Group LLC $459,000 to settle a NFA complaint