Yahoo continues to take steps toward a tax-free spin-off of Yahoo’s stake in Alibaba Group, into an entity called Aabaco Holdings.
U.S. stocks rallied over 1% on Tuesday after data showed healthy growth in consumer spending but did little to remove uncertainty about whether the Federal Reserve will raise rates this week.
The debate about whether “trading” is a high-class sobriquet for “gambling” is not a mere parlor game. It has real-world consequences.
U.S. stocks fell on Tuesday in the wake of results from IBM and United Technologies that dampened early optimism over earnings season as investors awaited quarterly profits from tech giants including Apple and Microsoft.
Waves of innovations create fear and anticipation. As we enter the age of robotics, it’s time to stop worrying and invest in technology’s next megatrend.
Gold prices halted a plunge of more than 4% on Tuesday but remained under pressure, as the dollar held near three-month highs on expectations of rising interest rates.

Much like this year’s Michigan summer, which got off to a slow start before this week’s projected sweltering temperatures,

The markets had been expecting Q2 earnings season to be negative, with earnings and sales growth both dipping. However, that is not the way things are going so far. There have been some notable earnings beats with Google, Bank of America, and Citigroup all posting better than expected results for the three months to June.
The Nasdaq Composite index surpassed the 15-year all-time high it set during the peak of the dotcom bubble on Thursday as more data showed the U.S. economy was gathering steam.
U.S. stock index futures were slightly lower on Monday after the markets leapt on Friday on strong jobs data that showed the U.S. economy was picking up steam, but not by enough to raise concerns about an earlier-than-expected interest-rate rise.