China is without a doubt one of the giants in the global economy. While they are welcome at the ever growing “adults table” at the Thanksgiving feast, the strains of their rapid ascendance is raising
These days it seems like everybody is talking at me about the strength of the Euro and the relative weakness of the U.S. dollar. As I wade through the opinion filled magazines and newspapers, I can’t
According to industry analysts, the foreign exchange market is said to be growing at almost 25% per year, and the sector of individual investors is growing at a stronger pace than the institutional
It’sIt has been said, in the past that ““When the United States sneezes, the world catches cold..” AAnd while this is still widely quoted, it’s pretty fair to say in today’s market that when China
Despite the fact that the USD has been weakening steadily for the better part of eighteen months, analysts only really started talking about stabilization in September. The bubble of optimism was
The book is geared towards beginning forex traders, offering basic definitions and outlining common traps for novice traders. She advises avoiding companies that promise little or no risk and firms
The U.S. dollar has declined deeply and except for a minor correction in 2005, consistently, since 2001. Its strength as measured by the U.S. dollar index, a basket of six major currencies developed
With the U.S. dollar in the doldrums, more and more traders are getting fired up about forex and currency futures. However, there are numerous questions to answer before venturing into either of
The currency and forex sector offered great opportunities in 2007 as the dollar continued to decline and carry trades unwound. But a new set of assumptions is developing as the global and U.S. economies slow and U.S. interest rates drop.