The August cover story of Modern Trader magazine was titled: “10 reasons to sell s

It seems as though 2015 has been the year of potential interest rate hikes.
We asked traders, "Do you expect U.S. equities to have a 10% or greater correction during the next 12 months?"
Event-driven markets are a common deterrent to many would-be technical analysts. After all, how can lines on a chart make sense of a market that appears to change direction on news events? A common
It seems like old times for the crude oil market. With the dollar falling and the euro soaring it reminds me of the old quantitative easing risk on, risk off days.
We asked traders, now that it's experienced a correction, will the euro reach parity with the dollar? If so, when? And what comes next?

In honor of the end of the year and the perpetual dawn of a new one, we asked our contributors to give us their outlooks for 2015.

So we asked traders, is there still room for a Santa Claus rally this December, or did Santa just fill our equity stockings with coal?
Today, Americans will go to the polls in what could be an historic mid-term election.
Just because you can apply a news event to a market move doesn’t not mean it is the reason it moved the way it did.