At 8 AM this morning corn picked up new sales of 487K tonnes to Mexico.

President Barack Obama will raise concerns about cyber security with Chinese President Xi Jinping when they meet in Washington this month amid rising U.S. worries about Chinese hacking of U.S.

The industry is always searching for the next great trading vehicle. Some fail. Some excel.

China continues to be the driving force behind this week’s market action.

Summer weather rallies in grains are often (but not always) great call selling opportunities for those that know true grain fundamentals.
The torrential non-stop rains that have saturated the Midwest have caused concerns over the quality of the soybean acreage and prices have sky-rocketed.
Officials have confirmed the first bird flu finding for the state of Indiana.
Soybeans caught a bid today as the market erased pretty much all of Friday’s sell-off.
During an exciting week of trading (9/27 thru 5/1), when the U.S. dollar fell through the floor and crude oil flew to the moon, the grains did their own thing.
Wholesale pork is now at its highest level since Feb. 22. Cash hogs are at their highest level since Jan. 29. It is great to see this market is reacting to lower supplies that are now being offered. Our only real criticism of this rally is that it is coming very slowly.