Investors got a day off from commodity market turmoil on Tuesday, as oil prices steadied at $50 a barrel after

China’s one-year interest-rate swaps touched a five-month high on speculation the government will relax controls on borrowing costs.
Wholesale London prices of gold sat tight Monday morning, holding onto Friday's six-week closing high as European stockmarkets failed to continue a rise in Asian shares.
What’s good for the global economy’s superpowers risks creating losers in other parts of the world. Signs that the Federal Reserve is preparing to curtail its stimulus are boosting interest rates abroad as well as in the U.S....
Currency strategists from Barclays Plc to Deutsche Bank AG are telling investors to sell the yuan, this year’s best-performing emerging-market currency, as growth slows in the world’s second-largest economy and inflows wane.
Norway’s financial regulator and central bank have received e-mails since 2010 from bankers outside the country alleging that interbank lending rates were being rigged.
Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc managers condoned and participated in the manipulation of global interest rates, indicating that wrongdoing extended beyond the four traders the bank has fired.
EU lawmakers are resisting a push by the ECB to water down a planned bank liquidity rule amid concerns that it may harm economic recovery.
The International Monetary Fund cut its 2013 global growth forecast as Europe’s debt crisis prolongs Spain’s recession and slows expansions in emerging markets from China to India.
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