As the world grows ever larger, its people demand more and better food. This trend will continue to benefit investors in fertilizer companies, declares John Chu of AltaCorp Capital Inc
President Obama is looking for a way out as are oil bulls that were betting on a Middle East disaster. Risk premium came out of the market and for at least in the near term the market may start to focus of more traditional fundamentals.
The Senate adopted an amendment to a spending bill that would avoid furloughing U.S. meat inspectors as part of budget cuts, lowering the risk of disrupting plants run by companies including Tyson Foods Co.
In the investing world, you can take a three-month view, a three-year view or a 30-year view. One person looking at one asset class might have a different forecast depending on the time horizon he is considering. In this article, I will look at gold through a 30-year lens.
Rather than wallowing on the fact that unemployment seems to have stagnated around 7.9% recently, Wingham Rowan proposes a new way of looking at the labor market and a way to tap what generally is an overlooked segment.
This year’s once-in-a-generation drought may leave many crop farmers largely unscathed as they are protected by taxpayer-subsidized insurance, a program Congress is moving to make more generous.
Speculators reduced bullish bets on corn just before the U.S. reported its single biggest export sale in 18 years and prices surged.
The first U.S. case of mad cow disease in six years has been found in a dairy cow in central California, officials say.
If you go back 150 years, Calcutta, India was more advanced than Chicago,” says George Ferguson, who 30 years ago founded an import/export business called Chicago Midwest in part to spread the
Among other things, Jignesh Shah knows his numbers and his history. “In the 16th Century, India accounted for 15% of world trade and 50% of world GDP,” he says. “At present, India’s share of world