The Federal Reserve has just announced that its target for the federal funds rate will be kept at 0%. It has now been at 0% since Dec. 16, 2008. I stated as far back as 2010 (and often since) that the Federal Reserve can never allow interest rates to rise again due to the massive amount of debt that this system has created. Most people called me crazy.
The rise of cyber crime threatens the links between traders and markets, and will only accelerate as investors boost their reliance on technology. What follows is a conversation about the markets, cyber security and the coming challenges that investors and traders face in the 21st century economy.
Wall Street posted its sharpest rally of the year on Tuesday, as investors snapped up beaten-down stocks a day after the market's worst performance in four years on fears about China's economy.
What separates investing in stocks from gambling on them?
Waves of innovations create fear and anticipation. As we enter the age of robotics, it’s time to stop worrying and invest in technology’s next megatrend.
Downward moves in SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) cover a lot of ground in a short period, while upward moves tend to be a slow but steady climb.
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The markets had been expecting Q2 earnings season to be negative, with earnings and sales growth both dipping. However, that is not the way things are going so far. There have been some notable earnings beats with Google, Bank of America, and Citigroup all posting better than expected results for the three months to June.

At 16, Jan Koum immigrated to the U.S. from his native Ukraine, then still under communist control.

The IMF dashed any hope on Thursday that Greece could avert default if it fails to repay a 1.6 billion loan by th