Oil prices rose more than 2% on Tuesday as higher stock prices on Wall Street and expectations of lower WTI crude inventories lifted the market from the previous day's slide.

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Today’s insight includes a rate cut in Norway, more struggles for commodity currencies, a speech by Janet Yellen, and a meeting between the leaders of the world’s two largest economies. This is your Morning Market Report for Sept. 24, 2015.
Demand worries overshadowed a drop in crude stocks after the Energy Information Administration (EIA) seemed to suggest refiners going into maintenance and a weakening demand for gasoline helped send the market higher.
The U.S. dollar saw gains after a critical manufacturing report in China signaled the world’s second-largest economy is slowing down. Today’s insight includes a bounce-back for oil prices, economic concerns Down Under, testimony from European Central Bank head Mario Draghi and the world’s reaction to China’s slowing economic growth.

Live by the stock market, die by the stock market. 

While  crude oil traders and stock markets fretted about the Fed inaction today, traders are now starting to worry about a drop in U.S. oil production.

The party is over for tight oil. 

The day after crude oil prices rose almost 5% the dogma of the dollar versus oil inverse relationship has come to a screeching halt ahead of the most exciting FOMC meetings in a decade. As the Fed moves closer to raising interest rates and getting closer to a normalization of interest rate policy the correlation between the dollar and oil is breaking down.

The markets opened up roughly 25 points this morning as investors remain tentative about the Federal Reserve’s two-day meeting on monetary policy that kicks off today.