What are the possible scenarios for Greece and what do they imply for the gold market?

After rising 0.59% in May, the U.S.

Eleven countries face legal action if bail-in rules are not enacted with the goal of removing state responsibility when banks collapse. A trend of protecting governments over banks is rising.
Gold fell $0.20 or 0.2% yesterday to $1,187.50/oz. Silver slipped $0.05 or 0.3% to $16.69/oz.

Gold and silver saw small price drops yesterday of 0.74 and 1.15% per cent, closing at $1,185.90 and $16.31 respectively. In Asia overnight, Singapore gold

Greece is back in the news and stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Because of the success of the Fed’s policies the U.S. economy looks to be on firm footing; giving the Fed room to begin implementing its exit strategy to return to normal policies.
On Friday, ECB President Mario Draghi delivered a damning indictment on the Eurozone economy, saying that underlying growth momentum remains weak, the economic situation in the euro-area remains difficult and that the inflation situation has become more challenging.
A funny thing happened last week: there were signs of a re-emergence of the sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone, but the euro actually managed to eke out a gain against most of the G10 currencies including the pound and the U.S. dollar.
Important economic reports for the week of Sept. 29 to Oct. 3.