The rise of cyber crime threatens the links between traders and markets, and will only accelerate as investors boost their reliance on technology. What follows is a conversation about the markets, cyber security and the coming challenges that investors and traders face in the 21st century economy.
Technology hasn’t simply changed how we view the markets, it has reinvented it. Where will we go from here? That depends on how well we learn from the past.
Our analysis of mid-sized endowments reveals that, although it's good to be big, it's not decisive for investment performance. In fact, some of these mid-sized overachievers produced industry-leading returns.
A decision by the Federal Reserve to expand its bond buying next week is likely to prompt policy makers to rewrite their 18-month-old blueprint for an exit from record monetary stimulus.
Credit rating agencies were at the heart of the rise of securitisation, and securitised assets were at the heart of the Subprime problems. Plainly these agencies are slated for major reforms. This article presents the statement of an eminent group of financial economists on such reform.
There are some ways that Bernanke is likely to match - and even surpass - Greenspan, but others in which there will be a gap.