The rise of cyber crime threatens the links between traders and markets, and will only accelerate as investors boost their reliance on technology. What follows is a conversation about the markets, cyber security and the coming challenges that investors and traders face in the 21st century economy.
Moody’s Corp., owner of the second- largest credit ratings company, boosted its forecast for earnings in 2014 on higher ratings revenue.
Critics including some regulators and market participants say that HFT trading, which captured the spotlight in the May 2010 flash crash, serves little purpose, may distort the market and leaves retail investors at a disadvantage.
Last summer Sprecher indicated that he may unilaterally end payment for order flow at all NYSE exchanges.
Martin E. Zweig, who predicted the 1987 stock market crash and whose newsletters influenced U.S. investors for a quarter century, has died. He was 70.
The approval allows the DTCC to replicate the services it offers for U.S. Treasuries and other government-related securities.
Greece’s use of collective action clauses forcing investors to take losses under the nation’s debt restructuring will trigger payouts on $3 billion of default insurance.
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