Financial regulation has been shaped by financial crises, but the effects of this can be seen in some markets more than others.
Gold is a tangible asset which, regardless of how poorly it may perform in the short term due to the ebb and flow of markets – always retains a value in the long term.
Despite its probable role in causing the credit crisis, value at risk is still widely used today.
Earlier this year the Dow Jones Industrial Average breached 17,000 for the first time in its long history. We decided to take a look at previous major benchmarks in the growth of the Dow over the years and highlighted what was going on in the markets—and the world.
The same proclivities that place some traders in the trend-following camp and make others contrarians apply to volatility as much as they do price. How does that relate to Eurodollars?
A look at the main moves from last week in the major markets.
Volatility wagers have always been a more complicated ordeal than an outright bet on price. Recently, a number of volatility-based products have simplified this process.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average breached 17,000 for the first time in its history today.
Gold bull market likely to continue.
2013 was a year of anticipation and perhaps disappointment. For those hoping the 2012 election would have settled some of the dysfunction in Washington, that did not happen. In fact, we doubled down on fights already settled as if there were no new business. Equity markets impressed, but few saw it as anything other than the hand of the Fed. Mercifully, the Fed signaled the beginning of the end of QE3 by year-end.