The price of gold and gold mining stocks were very competitive in 2017, and we can thank the fear trade for much of gold’s performance last year.
The big theme at the moment is rising bond yields as key central banks attempt to move away from the era of extraordinarily loose monetary policy and zero interest rates. This is due mainly to rising levels of inflation, higher rates of employment and steady growth across many developed economies.
Stocks, the dollar and bond yields all drifted lower on Monday as investors cashed in on some of their recent bets that the anticipated fiscal boost from the incoming Trump administration will support riskier assets at the expense of bonds.

World stocks rode the slipstream of the first joint all-time high for the financial market's four main markets since 1999 on Tuesday, with commodity firms adding extra lift as they eyed an

The dollar powered higher yet on Friday, pressuring stocks and commodities, on expectations of a F

Greek creditors are in no mood to compromise, forcing the ECB to scramble before Greece's turmoil unravels into the rest of the region.
U.S. bond yields touch record lows as the anti-austerity won Sunday's Greek election.
There were a lot of reports and surveys over the last week indicating consensus view that treasury rates are scheduled to move higher in 2015. Laggards have taken positions in the last few sessions and shorts are held in weaker hands.
The toughest thing to do is be patient while the market finds the cyclical yield low.
Fears for tighter monetary policy in both the UK and the United States reached boiling-point during the second and third quarters.