W.D. Gann

Book review of "The Law of Vibration: The Revelation of William D. Gann" by Tony Plummer
Book review of "The Trading Methodologies of W. D. Gann: A Guide to Building Your Technical Analysis Toolbox" by Leslie N. Masonson
W.D. Gann is well-known among trading gurus. However, we know little about the thought process behind his approach. Some believe Gann’s 1920s science-fiction novel, “The Tunnel Thru the Air,” contains the hints we seek.
We discuss the proper application of the Gann fan to understand how, and why, it is formed.
How to find key turning points in trends using W.D. Gann’s time and price balance principles.
The work of technical analysis master W.D. Gann offers a unique perspective that resembles few other techniques. Most intriguing is his work squaring price and time