U.S. Mint

Total sales of U.S. Mint gold coins came in at 44,500 oz per 94,500 coins sold – including both Eagles and Buffalos.
The stories range from outright denial, to insistence that we are experiencing an outright physical shortage of silver.
The Gold Report: When we talked in November, you warned that there would be downward pressure on gold this year. What are you anticipating for the balance of 2015 and into next year?

The recent lower prices in gold have not deterred investors internationally from buying gold c

Demand for silver has been surging this year as seen in U.S. silver imports, while silver eagles coin sales and silver ETF holdings remain robust.
Silver bullion demand remains very robust as silver stackers continue to stack.
Despite the recent bout of price weakness, gold American eagle coin sales from the U.S. Mint have picked up significantly from last month.
The U.S. dollar gold price drifted back down towards $1,420 per ounce Wednesday morning in London, around 1.3% up on the week so far, amid ongoing reports of strong demand for physical gold bullion.