Us dollar

After a strong rally in U.S. equity and bond markets on Friday, the upward trajectory resumed on Monday. The S&P 500 gained 1.18% and the Dow added an impressive 400 points, ending the day 1.58% higher.
Investors around the globe will closely monitor how the stock markets perform throughout trading today, following the rollercoaster ride that the financial markets experienced last week.
Investors tussled with rocky Brexit negotiations, Catalonian developments and geopolitical tensions across the globe.
The dollar was explosively volatile on Friday, with prices aggressively appreciating towards 94.27, as investors digested September’s distorted U.S. jobs data.
Investors have marched into the final trading quarter of 2017 with a risk-on attitude, as global stocks hit fresh record highs on Wednesday.
Gold struggled to hold onto its shine on Tuesday, as the risk-on mood encouraged investors to seek riskier assets, such as equities.
Sterling’s price action this week can be described as messy, as rocky Brexit negotiations between the United Kingdom and Brussels, left investors on edge.
Trump’s presidential triumph may be the best event that has happened to the Dollar Index this year which currently hovers around 11 month highs at 100.35.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that GBP/USD has been in freefall over the last several weeks amidst fears of a potential “Brexit” (UK exit from the European Union) come June.

After getting clobbered in the first two weeks of February, last week’s recovery in the U.S. dollar was hardly surprising.