The secured claims consists of mainly employee wage priority claims and CME Group claims; the unsecured general creditor claims include claims filed by introducing brokers, trade vendors, employees, and others according to the spokesman.
MF Global Inc.’s trustee will get court approval to complete distributions to former customers of the failed brokerage, allowing all missing funds to be returned by the end of the year.
Ira Bodenstein says he needs until March 15 to sell the brokerage’s assets and consolidate its business operations
As disastrous as the MF Global debacle has been to its customers, those customers with funds held overseas in secured accounts have seen the worst of the MF Global mess.
James Giddens, the trustee for MF Global Inc.'s bankruptcy, has filed the second interim report on the case.
Corzine may have moved rogue trading to the boardroom, but that’s only the latest in a line of offenses.
One year later and former MF Global customers still don’t have all their money. So, where is it?
The MF Global bankruptcy has been complicated by an error from the start.
The Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) announced today that Bernie Madoff’s victims will receive almost $2.5 billion in funds as part of a second round of distributions from trustee Irving Picard.
Nearly two months after the Peregrine Financial Group bankruptcy, Trustee Ira Bodenstein filed a motion Wednesday asking a judge to approve a distribution of funds to some of the defunct broker’s commodity customers.