We got two new headlines last night, one that said the U.S. would delay the increase in tariffs until October 15th. The other was that Taiwan would step in and buy 3.6 billion dollars in American agricultural products.
Padding a stellar session yesterday, U.S benchmarks surged into the close and extended gains overnight to a high of 3020. In the Midday Market Minute, we pointed to the likeliness of our upside target at 3004 being achieved into the settlement and at the least ahead of today’s ECB policy announcement.
December cocoa futures are attempting to rally but technically 2300 continues to be a level of resistance. Today’s close, above the 9-day moving average, should trigger follow-through on this recent move higher.
Grain trader's attention will now turn to Thursday’s USDA report. Bolton fired and the next headline that says the US and China will be meeting to discuss trade (which is inevitable) will suddenly carry a little more weight.
U.S benchmarks are on the positive side of flat this morning with Thursday’s ECB interest rate decision and U.S CPI data looming. First, price action spiked late last night after China published a list of products that won’t be subject to the 25% tariff.
U.S benchmarks have edged ever so slightly lower since yesterday’s peak. Major three-star support has buoyed the tape and although we’ve seen worsening economic data from China and Japan overnight, both the poor PPI and Machinery Orders respectively were anticipated.
Grain trader's attention will now turn to Thursday’s USDA report.
December corn futures marked new contract lows last week and finished near the low end of the week’s range. The technicals remain extremely weak, but bulls are hopeful that this week’s fundamental calendar will start turning the tide.
U.S benchmarks are holding at the highest levels in more than a month. Friday’s Nonfarm Payroll report was mixed and despite heightened anticipation as usual, stronger than expected wage growth did not sour the week’s strength. Traders and investors alike continue to hold high hopes for U.S and China trade talks.
After four positive trading sessions this week in the December Cocoa futures, the contract took a pause and pulled back to the 2230 support level Thursday. Although most signs point to the potential of more upside, 2280 provided resistance technically. During Friday’s morning trading session, we saw this level hold again.