Swing trading

Feeling the necessity to trade isn’t good for your performance, period. 
Megaphone patterns were first described in Richard Schabacker’s 1932 book: “Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits,” as rare and intricate patterns.
Book review of "Evolution of a Trader: Swing and Day Trading" by Leslie N. Masonson
Trading success is rooted in the consistent application of proven techniques. For most traders, that starts with the right strategy. Here’s one swing-trading method that works.
How to tap into the dynamic and ever-changing state of price action to find profits in sideways markets by incorporating volatility tools.
Building a short-term strategy takes more than simply applying trend-following to a shorter time frame
I find the opening gap plays to be the best way to start the trading day. While they are among the simplest technical conditions, price gaps generate a lot of questions among traders. Why do gaps happen? How can we foresee gaps? Do gaps always get filled?