The ultimate list of global proprietary trading firms.
Oz Management is a global, diversified alternative asset management firm performance is up 11% year-to-date in the flagship Oz Master Fund.
Livermore witnessed a sharp rise in gold (GLD) and gold miners and makes up 20% percent of the total portfolio. The Tesla (TSLA) short position remained the most significant short position in the hedge fund.
Our Wednesday's intraday trading outlook was bearish. It proved partly accurate because the S&P 500 lost 0.1% following the slightly lower opening of the trading session (-0.2%).
Our Monday's intraday trading outlook was bearish.
Our Wednesday's intraday trading outlook was neutral.
U.S. equity markets are on course to open higher again on Friday, once again pushing for new record highs as tax reform edges ever closer.
December has been historically a good month for equity markets.
The new week has started with a bang for the global stock markets.
Asian equities were mostly higher on Monday after Wall Street closed on record highs last Friday, as the U.S. Congress seemed very close to passing a final bill that will reduce corporate taxes from 35% to 21%.