But since early December, O.J. has dropped almost 13¢ and still looks overbought to some traders. Boyd Cruel, senior softs analyst at Alaron, points out that FCOJ has dropped almost a thousand points
Since early September coffee prices have rallied from $1.15 per pound to nearly $1.40. “If they don’t get decent rain, it will be $1.50 or more, easy,” says John P. Casey, president of Anderson & Co.
A massive fund liquidation precipitated by interest rate hikes, fear of inflation and a global economic slowdown has beaten silver back, giving up a third of its value in the last month. “Markets
The mid-June equity sell off hit the S&Ps hard, taking out the year’s low and suggesting the index could challenge the lows from October 2005. Fear of a global economic slow down, the newly hawkish
Coffee is one of the few physical commodities that has not benefited from the overall bull commodity market. Even the usual winter “freeze scare” rally hasn’t materialized this year. “A lot of people
This evergreen seasonal option technique for coffee originally ran in the summer of 2006 but offers insights applicable to today's markets.
The recent bull market in sugar was somewhat predictable but don’t fret if you were late because there may be more to go. Here is how it has played out so far. Brazil in 2004 announced it was 100%
Systematic traders often use the same trade entry rules across all commodities, with the idea that the same system should work in all markets. Indeed, some systems are sold for a basket of markets
Strong demand from importing nations and huge long positions from hedge funds propelled sugar to more than 18¢ per pound earlier this year, says James S. Cordier, chief trader at Liberty Trading
For many newer traders, futures have become synonymous with interest rates, currencies and equity indexes. But it’s the agricultural commodities that have been traded in New York and Chicago for more