Agricultural prices have been bashed, smashed and trashed very hard over the last several months.
The markets turned sharply lower in early trading, with the big selling starting in London. What's next for coffee?
The EIA reported that crude inventories fell by almost 4 million barrels as refiners ran wild and gasoline demand seemed to pull back.
Cotton, coffee, cocoa, and more are affected by an improved weather situation in the U.S.
Softs report: coffee, OJ, cotton and more.
RJO Futures' Adam Tuiaana gives you his soft futures commentary for the week.
Cocoa heads higher, OJ does too on news of tight supplies--but what is happening with coffee?
OJ going up, coffee rises and sugar is down.
Cotton Futures closed higher in sympathy with strong prices in Chicago and as the charts showed the possibility that a short term low had been made.
What makes trading commodities challenging is that fundamental and seasonal factors differ a great deal depending on the underlying.